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Welcome to eliterobkris, an elite graphics community for Robert Pattionson and Kristen Stewart. To gain posting access, must first apply to this post and be accepted by two of the three mods. Your mods are Tara sloppy_drunk, Sarah dorkfish04, and Joanna music_fun. Please feel free to direct any questions or concerns you may have to this post.

1} Do not click to join this community. You must first be accepted.
2} If you aren't an icon maker, feel free to watch the community.
3} When posting, post no more than THREE teasers. All other icons must be under and lj-cut.
4} Do not link to an F-Locked post.
5} When using other people's icons, please be respectful. Credit them and DO NOT hotlink.
6} NO requests.
7} Don't post bases, brushes, textures, gradients, or stock textures. This is an icon community only.
8} When applying, make the subject of your comment "last tango" so we know that you read and paid attention to the rules.

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